How can Gwynedd help me?

Gwynedd Wealth Partners is an Independent Registered Investment Advisory firm that provides exceptional wealth management, investment advice and financial planning to corporate executives, professionals and their families.

Our prior extensive experience in developing and managing investment products for large financial institutions gives us a unique perspective on the investment industry. This knowledge provides our clients a distinct advantage when investing. Gwynedd understands how and why investment products are built, the ones to stay away from and those that can maximize your results.

How can I maximize my retirement savings?

Whether you are an executive or a professional, your retirement savings is most likely one of your largest assets. How much you ultimately earn on those savings will have a significant impact on the quality of your retirement. A major study has shown that utilizing some form of professional advice to manage a workplace retirement account can have a dramatic impact on the long-term performance of that account. The study revealed that individuals that engaged a professional earned 3% more per year after fees. This equates to 79% more over a 20 year period than participants that managed the account on their own. Gwynedd has the ability to directly manage your workplace retirement account on your behalf. The process is simple and easy to implement and nothing about your account will change other than it will now be professionally managed.

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